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Product Highlights

  • Ergonomic design

    With small perimeter and soft-grip for fatigue reduced working

  • Strong motor

    For professional performance

  • Screw

    To tighten accessories for a strong connection

  • Plastic nose

    No soft grip marks on work piece

  • Tool holder

    With variable angle adjustment within 240°

  • Variable speed dial

    For speed adjustment for sanding

  • 10,8V-LI Premium batteries

    w/ unmatched battery runtime and a 400% longer lifetime

  • Fuel gauge

    For charge control

  • Broad range of Bosch accessories

Product Specifications

GOP 10.8 V-LI Professional

Perfect trimming, adjusting, repairing
Key features
Cordless with full professional performance
  • Cutting speed and removal rate of a corded tool
  • Cordless freedom and flexibility: easy set up, no plug needed
  • Continuous working possible with two batteries and 30min-charger

Best ergonomics of all OMT
  • Only 1,0 kg weight
  • Small grip perimeter with only 175 mm
  • Soft grip covering the gear system in front for comfortable gripping even if tool gets warm Well balanced
Premium Lithium-Ion Technology
  • Always ready for use: no self discharge
  • Unmatched battery runtime and 400% longer lifetime
Model GOP 10.8 V-LI Professional
Related voltage 10.8 V
Battery capacity 1.3 Ah
No-load speed 5,000-20,000 rpm
Oscillating Amplitude 2.8°
Weight incl. battery 1.0 kg
Length without battery 280 mm
Height (front/back) 59/50 mm
Width (front/back) 61/45 mm
Circumference (grip area) 175 mm
Toolholder Key change with fixing
Charger AL 1130 CV
Charging Time 30 mins
Part number: 0 601 858 0L0
Scope of Supply
1 x 1.3 Ah Li-Ion battery (2 607 336 014)
Allen key
Carrying case
Charger AL 1130 CV
Delta sanding plate
Sanding paper set
2 BiM plungecut sawblades
1 HCS plungecut sawblade
1 HM-RIFF segment blade
1 BIM segment sawblade

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